• Etiology: inflammation of vermiform appendix due to obstruction of appendiceal lumen
  • AXR: appendicolith in 15%, may have distal small bowel obstruction
  • US: noncompressible, blind ending, diameter > 8 mm (diameter 6-8 mm is indeterminate), hypervascular, periappendicial fluid / abscess
  • CT: diameter > 8 mm (diameter 6-8 mm is indeterminate), enhancing, appendicolith in 30%, periappendiceal fat stranding / fluid / abscess

Cases of Appendicitis

CT of perforated appendicitis
AP radiograph of the right femur was unremarkable. Coronal STIR MRI of the right hip and femur was unremarkable aside from incidental bright pelvic free fluid noted just above the bladder. Coronal 2D reconstruction from a CT with IV and oral contrast of the abdomen shows a large complex fluid collection containing air and a central calcification in the right lower quadrant which was lying next to the psoas muscle.
CXR of Morgagni Hernia that contained acute appendicitis
CXR PA shows the right heart border to be obscured and the lateral shows loops of bowel rising above the diaphragm anterior to the heart.
Pathologic image of acute appendicitis with appendicoliths
Pathological image with the appendix opened longitudinally shows it to be grossly inflamed with two appendicoliths within the lumen of the appendix.