• Etiology: inflammation of vermiform appendix due to obstruction of appendiceal lumen
  • AXR: appendicolith in 15%, may have distal small bowel obstruction
  • US: noncompressible, blind ending, diameter > 8 mm (diameter 6-8 mm is indeterminate), hypervascular, periappendicial fluid / abscess
  • CT: diameter > 8 mm (diameter 6-8 mm is indeterminate), enhancing, appendicolith in 30%, periappendiceal fat stranding / fluid / abscess

Cases of Appendicitis

Radiograph and CT of osteoid osteoma of the femur
AP radiograph of the pelvis shows a round lucent lesion in the right femoral neck. Coronal 2D reconstruction and axial CT without contrast of the pelvis shows the lesion to be centered in the cortex, to have a central calcification in a radiolucent nidus, and to be surrounded by reactive sclerosis. There is also a left hip effusion on the lower left CT image.