Pediatric Pulmonary Laceration

  • Etiology: blunt thoracic trauma causes tear in lung parenchyma resulting in cavity that fills with blood
  • CXR: often obscured by pulmonary contusion
  • CT: round / oval cavity, single or multiple, unilocular or multiloculated
    — Air containing = traumatic pneumatocele
    — Blood containing = traumatic hematocele
    — Air and blood containing = traumatic hematopneumatocele
  • Clinical: heals slower than pulmonary contusion

Radiology Cases of Pulmonary Laceration

CXR and CT of pneumatoceles
CXR AP shows patchy airspace disease in the right lung. Axial CT with contrast of the chest shows right-sided airspace disease as well as thin-walled cysts with fluid-fluid levels.