Pediatric Rib Fusion

  • Etiology: congenital segmentation defect
  • Imaging: may involve anterior or posterior parts of rib, can be focal or long, can be complete or a pseudoarthrosis
  • DDX: pseudoarthrosis can simulate healing fracture on radiograph
  • Clinical: may present as a palpable lesion

Radiology Cases of Rib Fusion

CXR and CT of rib fusion
CXR shows a contour irregularity of the left second rib anteriorly. 3D CT shows a pseudoarthrosis between the left first and second ribs.
CXR of congenital scoliosis due to rib fusion
CXR AP shows multiple left-sided anterior and multiple right-sided posterior rib fusions and a mild curvature of the spine convex left resulting in a small thorax.