To David Thomas at Brownell Middle School and Harvey Richardson at Grosse Pointe South Hight School, for teaching me computer programing.

To Alan Kay at Xerox PARC and Ted Nelson at Project Xanadu, for teaching me how computers should be used in education.

To the radiologists at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, especially David P. Corbett MD, for showing me as a medical student what a wonderful field pediatric radiology is.

To the radiologists at the University of Iowa, especially my long-standing partners Simon Kao MBBS and Yutaka Sato MD PhD, for teaching me the science of pediatric radiology during residency and beyond.

To the radiologists at Children’s Hospital of Boston, especially John A. Kirpatrick MD whose slide collection accounts for many of the vintage cases here and Robert L. Leibowitz MD who always emphasized our duty to share our knowledge as widely as possible, for teaching me the art of pediatric radiology during fellowship.