Pediatric Adamantinoma

  • Etiology: primary malignant bone tumor
  • Imaging:
    — Location: tibial diaphysis, originates in cortex
    — Lytic or blastic: lytic
    — Matrix: (chondroid, osseous, fibrous)
    — Zone of transition: (wide, narrow)
    — Periosteal new bone or cortical destruction: none
    — Additionally:
    — Radiograph: multilocular, slightly expansile, excentric, osteolytic, cortical lesion, no periosteal reaction
    — CT: lytic lesion, excentric epicenter in cortex, may have calcifications
    — MR: solitary lobulated lesion or multiple nodules, T1WI decreased signal, T2WI increased signal, may have fluid-fluid levels, marked enhancement
  • DDX: osteofibrous dysplasia
  • Clinical: teen + young adults

Radiology Cases of Adamantinoma