Biliary Atresia

  • Etiology: congenital absence of biliary tree
  • US: gallbladder is small to absent, triangular cord sign = bile ductal remnant in porta hepatis, hypertrophied hepatic artery
  • HIDA scan: pretreat with phenobarbital for 1 week to optimize liver uptake, decreased uptake of radiotracer in liver, no excretion of radiotracer into biliary tree or bowel
  • DDX: neonatal hepatitis
  • Clinical: associated with polysplenia, preduodenal portal vein, interrupted inferior vena cava, transverse liver, cardiac anomalies

Cases of Biliary Atresia

hepatobiliary scintigraphy scan of biliary atresia
Immediate image (upper left) from a hepatobiliary scintigraphy exam performed after pre-treatment with phenobarbital shows good uptake of radiotracer in the liver with the 24 hour delayed image (upper right) showing no excretion of radiotracer into the bowel. Transverse US of the liver (lower left) shows the presence of a gallbladder. AP image of an intraoperative cholangiogram shows a dilated gallbladder (with some contrast extravasation outside of the gallbladder) and minimal visualization of the intrahepatic biliary tree and no visualization of the extrahepatic biliary tree.