Bronchogenic Cyst

  • Etiology: abnormal budding of tracheobronchial tree lined with respiratory epithelium, only communicates with tracheobronchial tree if infected
  • Imaging: 50% in mediastinum + 50% in lung, commonly near carina, preference for lower lobes, well marginated and thin walled single fluid-filled cyst, closely related to but not connect to adjacent airway
  • UGI: may cause anterior or posterior indentation on esophagus
  • Clinical: in mediastinum presents with dysphagia or respiratory distress, in lungs is asymptomatic

Radiology Cases of Bronchogenic Cyst

CXR and CT of bronchogenic cyst
CXR shows a rounded retrocardiac mass on the left. CT with contrast of the chest shows the mass to not enhance and to be located anterior to the aorta and to the left of the inferior vena cava.