Club Foot

  • Etiology: congenital
  • Imaging: CAVE – Cavus (high arched foot), forefoot Adductus, hindfoot Varus / Equinus
    — AP radiograph: overlap of talus and calcaneus, varus angulation of forefoot (metatarsus adductus), inversion of foot
    — Lateral radiograph: parallel alignment of talus and calcaneus and equinus (upward) position of calcaneus

  • Imaging: three alignment abnormalities: hindfoot equinus, hindfoot varus, forefoot varus
    — AP radiograph: decreased AP talocalcaneal angle
    — Lateral radiograph: decreased lateral talocalcaneal angle, slightly greater than 90 degree tibicalcaneal angle, negative calcaneal inclination angle

Radiology Cases of Club Foot

Radiograph of club foot
Radiograph of the feet shows varus angulation of the left forefoot. There is a dysplastic appearing medial cuneiform bone with associated widening at the first tarsal-metatarsal joint.