• Etiology: premature fusion of one or more sutures with skull elongating in direction of fused sutures
  • Imaging:
    Sagittal – 50% – scaphocephaly / dolicocephaly – normal head volume
    Bilateral coronal – 20% – brachycephaly – higher incidence of neurological complications including increased ICP / optic atrophy / mental retardation
    Bilateral lambdoid – 5% – brachycephaly
    Unilateral coronal – anterior plagiocephaly with deformed skull looking like trapezoid, unilateral harlequin eye deformity due to elevation of orbital roof, ipsilateral frontal bone flattened with contralateral frontal bossing, metopic suture deviated to affected side, trapezoid deformity of calvarium
    Unilateral lambdoid – posterior plagiocephaly with deformed skull looking like trapezoid
    Metopic synostosis – occurs in utero, trigonocephaly with ridge along fused metopic suture / pointed head, hypotelorism – quizzical eyes
    All fused – Kleeblattschadel = cloverleaf skull

Cases of Craniosynostosis