Double Aortic Arch

  • Etiology: vascular ring due to persistence of right and left aortic arches
  • UGI: focal anterior indentation of trachea and focal posterior indentation of esophagus
  • Imaging: arch location is bilateral, right arch is higher and larger, left arch is smaller and lower, 70% are right sided dominant, branching is 4 vessels, descending aorta is typically on the opposite side of the dominant arch, Kommerell diverticulum is not present
  • Complications: airway compression
  • Clinical: Most common vascular ring, rarely associated with congenital heart disease

Cases of Double Aortic Arch

Angiogram of double aortic arch
The upper GI (not provided) showed a focal posterior indentation of the esophagus. AP and lateral images from an angiogram shows the aortic arch to have left and right components.