Duodenal Duplication

  • Etiology: abnormal budding of gastrointestinal tract lined with gastrointestinal epithelium, may communicate with enteric lumen proper
  • US: cystic lesion with echogenic rim sign = enteric signature / gut signature = hyperechoic inner layer of cyst representing bowel mucosa

Radiology Cases of Duodenal Duplication

UGI of duodenal duplication
3 lateral images from an UGI show persistent narrowing of the second portion of the duodenum caused by a round extrinsic mass.

Surgery Cases of Duodenal Duplication

Surgical image of duodenal duplication
Surgical image shows a cystic mass attached to the inner surface of the C-loop of the duodenum from just distal to the pylorus to slightly proximal to the region of the ampulla of Vater. The distal antrum is visible in the upper left corner of the incision and the gall bladder is visible in the right corner of the incision between the liver and the mass.