Duodenal Web

  • Etiology: congenital failure of recanalization
  • AXR: air fluid levels in stomach and duodenal bulb with distal bowel gas
  • UGI: incomplete duodenal obstruction by intraluminal diaphragm causing a windsock deformity
  • Clinical: less severe form of duodenal atresia which often results in a delayed diagnosis but still requires surgical correction

Radiology Cases of Duodenal Web

UGI of duodenal web
Image from an upper GI exam shows a wind-sock deformity at the junction of the second and third portions of the duodenum.
AXR and upper GI of duodenal web
AXR AP (above) shows a double bubble sign with a dilated stomach to the left of the spine and a dilated duodenum to the right of the spine. Oblique images from an upper GI show a dilated duodenal bulb projecting over the vertebral bodies (lower right) and a small amount of contrast entering the second part of the duodenum (lower left).