• Etiology: failure of dorsal induction of central nervous system, meninges + brain herniate through skull defect
  • Imaging: occipital – 70%, parietal – 10%, sincipital – 10%, basal – orbital / nasal / sphenoidal – 10%
  • Complications: CSF leak
  • Clinical: cerebellar encephalocele = Chiari III

Radiology Cases of Parietal Encephalocele

CT of parietal encephalocele
Axial CT without contrast of the brain shows in the left parietal region a low density cystic lesion that has a small amount of brain tissue within it laterally.

Radiology Cases of Occipital Encephalocele

CT of Chiari III malformation
Axial CT without contrast of the cervical spine shows a defect in the posterior skull at the craniocervical junction with cerebellar tissue herniating posteriorly through it.