Esophageal Duplication

  • Etiology: abnormal budding of tracheal bronchial tree lined with gastrointestinal epithelium
  • Clinical: 20% of duplication cysts, presents incidentally

Radiology Cases of Esophageal Duplication

CXR and CT of esophageal duplication
CXR shows a right sided retrohilar mass and a chest CT with contrast shows the mass to be non-enhancing, posterior to the right bronchi, and next to the esophagus.
CXR and CT of esophageal duplication
CXR shows a subtle double density over the left side of the heart in the paraspinal region. Axial CT with contrast of the chest shows a soft tissue mass in the posterior mediastinum on the left.
CXR of esophageal duplication / esophageal duplication cyst / bronchopulmonary foregut malformation
CXR PA (left) shows a large round opacity located medially in the left hemithorax which is located posteriorly on the lateral (right) over the spine (spine sign).