Pediatric Lipoid Pneumonia

  • Etiology: aspiration of hydrocarbons -> airway / alveolar inflammation, necrotizing pneumonia, +/- pneumatocele
  • CXR: initially may be negative, if so repeat in 8 hours, interstitial infiltrates that become confluent

Radiology Cases of Lipoid Pneumonia

CXR of lipoid pneumonia
CXR obtained at 1 hour (upper left), at 10 hours (upper right), and 72 hours (bottom) after the ingestion of kerosene shows initially an unremarkable CXR that at 10 hours has developed bilateral fine interstitial infiltrates which have become more confluent at 72 hours.
CXR of lipoid pneumonia
CXR AP obtained 1 week after the ingestion of gasoline shows bilateral perihilar confluent infiltrates. No pneumatocele is seen.