Pediatric Fibromatosis

  • Etiology: benign but locally aggressive
  • Imaging: located at base of mesentery, surrounds vessels and bowel, imaging appearance depends on content of collagen vs. myxoid change and degree of cellularity and vascularity, presence of fluid signal may predict growth on followup, increased vascularity predicts growth on followup
  • MRI: hypointense to isointense to muscle on T1WI, variable intensity to muscle on T2WI, has mild and heterogenous enhancement
  • Clinical: associated with Gardener syndrome

Radiology Cases of Fibromatosis

CT of fibromatosis
Axial (above), coronal (below left) and sagittal (below right) CT with contrast of the abdomen show a round, avidly enhancing soft tissue mass arising from the subcutaneous tissues to the left of midline.