• Etiology: anterior abdominal wall defect where defect is lateral to umbilicus
  • Imaging: multiple loops of bowel outside of abdominal cavity without an encasing sac
  • Treatment: reduced via silo
  • Complications: often have GI dysmotility for a year
  • Clinical: almost no associated congenital anomalies

Cases of Gastroschisis

CXR of gastroschisis
CXR shows multiple loops of bowel without an encasing sac wrapped in gauze outside of the abdomen to the right side of the patient. The abdominal cavity is small.
AXR of peripherally inserted central catheter / PICC in the spinal canal
AXR AP shows a left lower extremity PICC that does not follow the course of the iliac vein and whose tip projects at the level of L3 and that projects within the spinal canal on the lateral radiograph. The only gas within the abdomen is in the stomach while all of the small bowel is in a silo outside the abdomen.
Surgical image of gastroschisis
Surgical image shows the abdominal wall defect with stomach and small bowel protruding out of the abdomen, with no surrounding membranous sac.