Pediatric Soft Tissue Hemangioma

  • Etiology: endothelial proliferation, true neoplasm
  • Imaging: can be high flow, how deep does it extend in soft tissues, are there hypoechoic or hyperechoic liver lesions
  • Clinical: part of disease spectrum of hepatic infantile hemangioma, 20% present at birth, proliferating phase (2-10 months) followed by involuting phase (1-5 years), resolve by central involution and scarring, treat with propranolol / steroids
  • DDX: vascular malformation

Radiology Cases of Soft Tissue Hemangioma

Radiograph and CT of soft tissue hemangioma
Lateral radiograph of the airway and axial CT without contrast of the neck shows a large heterogenous mass that displaces and compresses the trachea.

Clinical Cases of Soft Tissue Hemangioma

Clinical image of soft tissue hemangioma of toe
Clinical image shows a large, raised, red, coarse lesion involving almost the entire first toe.