• Etiology: imperforate hymen causing fluid accumulation in vagina + uterus
  • Imaging: prerectal / rectovesical cystic mass with thick wall, can have fluid-fluid level
  • Clinical: [metra = uterus, colpos = vagina] hydrometra (distension of the uterus with fluid), hydrocolpos (distention of vagina with fluid), hydrometrocolpos (distension of uterus and vagina with fluid), hematometra (distension of the uterus with blood), hematocolpos (distention of vagina with blood), hematometrocolpos (distension of uterus and vagina with blood)

Radiology Cases of Hydrometrocolpos

US of hematocolpos
Transverse (above) and sagittal (below) US of the pelvis shows a large cystic structure filled with complex fluid posterior to the bladder which is visible on the right side of the sagittal image. The uterus was identified and was unremarkable and therefore the cystic structure was felt to represent a distended vagina.