Ileal Atresia

  • Etiology: in-utero vascular accident so it has no other associated congenital abnormalities
  • Enema: microcolon without any meconium filling defects, cannot reflux the terminal ileum
  • Clinical: most common intestinal atresia

Radiology Cases of Ileal Atresia

AXR of pneumoperitoneum
Supine AXR shows increased lucency in the upper abdomen without clear demonstration of the American football sign of the falciform ligament being outlined by free air.
Enema of ileal atresia
Enema shows a microcolon with an inability to reflux contrast into the dilated loops of distal small bowel.

Surgery Cases of Ileal Atresia

Surgical image of ileal atresia
Surgical image shows a massively dilated distal ileum (to the left of the image) than then dramatically narrows in the center of the image.