Little Leaguer Shoulder

  • Etiology: stress injury to proximal humeral growth plate due to rotational stress during internal rotation and adduction with repeated overhead throwing
  • Radiograph: on ipsilateral symptomatic side see proximal humeral epiphysiolysis / physeal widening / juxtaphyseal osteopenia / mild metaphyseal sclerosis in lateral aspect of proximal humeral physis, comparison to contralateral asymptomatic side is helpful in making diagnosis
  • MRI: physeal widening / irregularity / widening and increased signal intensity within physis with disruption of expected trilaminar appearance, bone marrow edema of proximal humeral metaphysis
  • Complications: if not treated may develop premature physeal closure
  • Clinical: in adolescents in baseball / gymnastics / swimming / volleyball, resolves with rest

Radiology Cases of Little Leaguer Shoulder

Radiograph of Littler Leaguer's shoulder
AP radiograph of the shoulder shows widening of the lateral aspect of the physis.