Pediatric Mesenchymal Hamartoma

  • Etiology: benign liver neoplasm
  • Imaging: solid / cystic (80%) / mixed, does not have hemorrhage or calcifications or enhancement
  • Treatment: surgical resection
  • Clinical: usually < 1 year old, does not cause elevation of AFP, malignant counterpart is undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma

Radiology Cases of Mesenchymal Hamartoma

MRI of mesenchymal hamartoma
Axial T1 weighted without contrast (above) and T2 weighted (below) MRI of the abdomen shows a mass in the right lobe as well as in the medial segment of the left lobe of the liver, measuring 13 x 13 x 7 cm in size and having a cystic and solid appearance.
US of mesenchymal hamartoma
Transverse and sagittal US images of the liver shows a large complex septated liver mass.

Surgery Cases of Mesenchymal Hamartoma

Surgical image of mesenchymal hamartoma
Surgical image shows a massive tumor in the left medial segment of the liver after it has been delivered. The left lateral segment of the liver and the right lobe of the liver appeared normal and this was confirmed by intraoperative ultrasound. The patient underwent a left medial segment hepatectomy.