Mesoblastic Nephroma

  • Etiology: hamartoma of kidney
  • US: enlarged solid reniform shaped mass in renal fossa
  • Clinical: most common solid renal mass up to 3 months of age

Radiology Cases of Mesoblastic Nephroma

US of mesoblastic nephroma
Transverse (above) and sagittal (below) US images shows an enlarged solid reniform shaped mass in the right renal fossa.

Surgery Cases of Mesoblastic Nephroma

Surgical image of mesoblastic nephroma
Surgical image shows an extremely large right renal tumor displacing the cecum into the left lower quadrant.

Gross Pathology Cases of Mesoblastic Nephroma

Pathological image of mesoblastic nephroma
Gross pathological image shows a light tan to yellow colored tumor mass situated within the lower pole of the kidney which has a fibrous, whorled cut section reminiscent of a leiomyoma.