Morgagni Hernia

  • Etiology: defect at foramen of Morgagni which is anteromedial in location in diaphragm
  • Imaging: right sided 90%, bowel can become incarcerated
  • Clinical: incidentally found later in childhood

Radiology Cases of Morgagni Hernia

CXR of Morgagni Hernia that contained acute appendicitis
CXR PA shows the right heart border to be obscured and the lateral shows loops of bowel rising above the diaphragm anterior to the heart.

Surgery Cases of Morgagni Hernia

Surgical image of Morgagni hernia
Surgical image shows an anterior midline defect in the diaphragm, measuring 7 cm in width by 3 cm in depth. The transverse colon was herniated through this defect into the retrosternal space and had been reduced before this image was obtained.