Pediatric Osteochondromatosis

  • Etiology: piece of growth plate separates + lays down cartilage off of normal axis of development
  • Imaging: signs of malignant transformation – growth of exostosis in already mature skeleton, cartilage cap > 3 cm thick prior to skeletal maturity, new cortical irregularity, osseous destruction, pain
  • Complications: malignant transformation to chondrosarcoma in 3-5%

Radiology Cases of Osteochondromatosis

Radiograph of multiple osteochondromas of the knee
AP radiograph of the knees shows bilateral lesions arising from the medial aspect of each tibial metaphysis, with a bony stalk growing away from the metaphysis with a lytic lesion growing at the tip of each stalk with a narrow zone of transition and no associated periosteal reaction.