Pediatric Tuberculosis Pneumonia

  • Etiology: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, inhale bacillis -> primary focus -> lymphangitic spread -> hilar mediastinal lymphadenopathy -> airway compression, types are primary (Ghon focus, Ghon complex, Ranke complex) / secondary / miliary
  • — Primary infection most commonly anywhere in lung, has associated adenopathy, Ghon focus is primary infection in lung, Ghon complex is primary infection in lung + hilar lymphadenopathy, Ranke complex is calcified Ghon complex
  • — Secondary infection is reactivation, infection most commonly (90%) in apices, does not have lymphadenopathy
  • — Methods of spread are bronchogenic, lymphatic, hematogenous / miliary to lungs + kidneys + liver + brain
  • Complications: airway obstruction, endobronchial invasion, hematogenous spread (miliary)

Radiology Cases of Tuberculosis Pneumonia

CXR and CT of tuberculosis
CXR and CT of the chest shows bilateral hilar adenopathy and a left upper lobe infiltrate.
CXR of tuberculosis
CXR PA and lateral shows massive bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy with the lungs being clear.