Pediatric Viral Pneumonia

  • Etiology: 1) viral infection -> 2) disease of airways / airway inflammation -> bronchial wall thickening -> ball-valve effect -> air trapping, 3) increased mucous production -> mucous plugs
  • CXR: airway thickening, hyperinflation = flattened diaphragm, shifting subsegmental atelectasis from mucous plugs
  • DDX: asthma, congenital heart disease
  • Complications: small percentage get concurrent bacterial superinfection

Radiology Cases of Viral Pneumonia

CXR of respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia
CXR PA and lateral shows airway thickening and lung hyperexpansion with flattening of the hemidiaphragms.

Radiology Cases of Viral Pneumonia with Bacterial Suprainfection

CXR of viral pneumonia with a bacterial suprainfection
CXR shows diffuse airway thickening and hyperexpansion along with an infiltrate obscuring the right heart border and the medial hemidiaphragms bilaterally.