Pediatric Poland Syndrome

  • Etiology: congenital unilateral underdevelopment or absence of pectoralis muscles
  • Clinical: right side affected twice as often as left side, associated with bony dysostosis affecting hand + rib deformities, increased incidence of leukemia / Non Hodgkin lymphoma / lung cancer / breast cancer

Radiology Cases of Poland Syndrome

CXR and CT of Poland syndrome
CXR PA and lateral shows thinning of the soft tissues over the right chest. The upper right ribs are deformed and there is mild scoliosis. Axial CT without contrast of the chest shows the asymmetry of the thoracic cavity and the concavity of the right chest wall. The right breast is absent, the right pectoralis major and right pectoralis minor muscles are absent, and the right serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi muscles are decreased in size.

Clinical Cases of Poland Syndrome

Clinical image of Poland syndrome
Clinical image shows a relative decreased amount of soft tissue over the right chest wall and inversion of the right nipple.