Pulmonary Agenesis

  • Etiology: congenital complete absence of the ipsilateral mainstem bronchus and pulmonary artery and lung tissue, contralateral lung may develop twice as many as normal alveoli
  • CXR: complete opacification of hemithorax with ipsilateral mediastinal shift and compensatory hyperinflation of contralateral lung
  • CT: confirms absence of ipsilateral mainstem bronchus and pulmonary artery
  • Clinical: present with respiratory distress

Radiology Cases of Pulmonary Agenesis

CXR and bronchogram and pulmonary angiogram of pulmonary agenesis
CXR AP and lateral (above) shows complete opacification of the left hemithorax and tracheal and mediastinal shift to the left and hyperexpansion of the right lung. CXR AP taken during a bronchogram (below left) shows absence of the left mainstem bronchus. AP image from a pulmonary angiogram (below right) shows a normal appearing right main pulmonary artery and absence of the left pulmonary artery.

Gross Pathology Cases of Pulmonary Agenesis

Gross pathological image of right pulmonary agenesis
Gross pathological image shows a normal appearing left mainstem bronchus and left upper lobe and left lower lobe. There is complete absence of the right mainstem bronchus and right lung.