Pediatric Renal Vein Thrombosis

  • Etiology: due to dehydration or indwelling venous catheter placement
  • Imaging: acutely see enlarged hypoperfused kidney along with thrombus in inferior vena cava and or renal vein, chronically see calcification of thrombus and shrunken kidney
  • MRI: hemorrhagic medulla T2 hypointense
  • Clinical: can present with hematuria and may be seen in infant of a diabetic mother, 66% on left, 33% on right, can be associated with adrenal hemorrhage

Radiology Cases of Renal Vein Thrombosis

US of renal vein thrombosis
Sagittal US of the IVC (above) shows a calcified thrombus in the IVC which extended to the right kidney (below) and renal veins which was associated with right nephromegaly.
US of renal vein thrombosis
Sagittal US of the kidneys shows a small shrunken left kidney and an enlarged right kidney due to compensatory hypertrophy.