Pediatric Undescended Testicle

  • Etiology: testicle does not descend from abdomen to inguinal canal into scrotum
  • Imaging: look up along path of testicular descent from scrotum up to inguinal canal up to abdomen to underneath kidney
  • Clinical: 3-4% of newborns have undescended testicle, 1% of 1 year olds have undescended testicle, to prevent increased incidence of testicular cancer and infertility have orchiopexy performed by 1-2 years of age

Radiology Cases of Undescended Testicle

CT of intraabdominal testicle
Axial (above), coronal (lower left) and sagittal (lower right) CT with contrast of the abdomen shows an oval isodense soft tissue mass located inferior and lateral to the left kidney.