Ultrasound for intussusception

  • Patient preparation: none
  • Contrast used: none
  • Technique: linear transducer, scan the colon transversely from the cecum up to the hepatic flexure, turn transducer 90 degrees then scan sagittally across from hepatic flexure to splenic flexure, then turn transducer 90 degrees and scan transversely down from the splenic flexure to the recto-sigmoid colon
  • Images to obtain: transverse (target sign) and sagittal (pseudokidney sign) grayscale images of an intussusception
  • Looking for: ileocolic intussusception which is usually > 4 cm in diameter on transverse image, if you see an intussusception < 4 cm in diameter it is most likely a transient small bowel-small bowel intussusception so rescan the patient in 10 minutes to make sure it has gone away
  • Post procedure tasks: none