Toddler who is unresponsive

CT of subgaleal hematoma, diastatic skull fracture, depressed skull fracture, cerebellar contusion, diffuse cerebral edema in child abuse
Axial CT without contrast of the brain shows high density material in the subgaleal tissues posteriorly, a wide lucency in the right posterior skull along with two areas of depressed lucency in the left frontal skull, a rounded high-density lesion in the midline of the cerebellum, and decreased density of the cerebrum when compared to the normal density of the cerebellum along with loss of the normal gray matter-white matter differentiation.

The diagnosis was a posterior subgaleal hematoma, a right posterior diastatic skull fracture and a left frontal depressed skull fracture, cerebellar contusion and diffuse cerebral edema in a child abuse patient.