Infant with a right orbital mass

CT of neuroblastoma with orbital metastasis
Axial CT without contrast of the abdomen (above) shows a large mass that has faint calcifications within it that fills the entire left upper quadrant of the abdomen. Axial CT without (lower left) and with (lower right) contrast of the orbit shows a round soft tissue mass around the right pterygoid plate that enhances strongly with contrast.

The diagnosis was neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland with metastasis to the right orbit.

School ager with spinal dysraphism and a neurogenic bladder

AXR and US of bladder stone
AXR AP (above) shows two irregularly-shaped calcified objects projecting over the pelvis. Spinal dysraphism is noted in the sacrum. There is a cecostomy tube in the right lower quadrant. Sagittal US of the bladder (below) shows an echogenic mass within the inferior aspect of the bladder (to the right of the image) that has posterior shadowing.

The diagnosis was two bladder stones in a patient with neurogenic bladder.

Newborn with a defect of the lower abdominal wall

AXR of cloacal exstrophy
AXR AP shows diastasis of the symphysis pubis and multiple spinal segmentation defects while the AXR lateral shows a small amount of bowel herniated anterior to the abdomen and inferior to the umbilicus along with a large skin covered spinal dysraphism posteriorly and a radioopaque marker being held in place over where the anus should be.

The diagnosis was cloacal exstrophy with bladder exstrophy, anorectal malformation and spinal segmentation anomalies.

Teenager who crashed their all terrain vehicle with abdominal pain

CT of renal trauma / renal laceration and ureteral trauma / ureteral transection and splenic trauma / splenic laceration
Axial and coronal CT with contrast of the abdomen immediate phase (above) shows low density in the superior and inferior poles of the left kidney and fluid in the left perirenal and pararenal spaces. There is also a large area of low density in the spleen. Delayed phase CT images (below) show extravasation of urine out of the ureter into the left pararenal space.

The diagnosis was left renal laceration with ureteral transection and splenic laceration.