Toddler with stridor

CXR and Upper GI of esophageal foreign body
Lateral spot films from an UGI show fixed narrowing of the trachea (left + middle) with an esophageal perforation / fistula arising from the anterior wall of the esophagus (right). Endoscopy done earlier in the day removed a set of plastic wheels from a toy car which was felt to have been present for a long time as the esophagus was ulcerated and edematous in the area of perforation.

The diagnosis was esophageal foreign body.

Female preschooler who stools out of her vagina and rectum

Barium enema of colonic duplication
Injection through the vagina (left) shows a normal caliber colon which is malpositioned with the descending colon on the right side of the abdomen and the cecum in the left lower quadrant. Injection through the rectum (right) shows a second colon of normal caliber that was again malpositioned. There was no communication between the two colons.

The diagnosis was colonic duplication.